"EVERY agent needs this service. We as agents do not have time to do this ourselves on an ongoing basis. To have qualified resumes sent to me every week is vital to my agency. Thank you!!"

Agent Steve Allen ~ Flower Mound, TX

"I have hired a bilingual sales person who led our team in sales. I'll continue to use this program as this service allows me to hire and not go through expensive headhunters or have to set up searches on my own which take up too much of my time. This service is a home run for agents!!"

Agent Norman Thomas in Beltsville, MD

"Your service has saved me significant time and money in successfully adding team members to my Agency. No more wasted fees and time spent doing those painful resume searches! Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service!"

Agent Brian Downes ~ Flushing, NY

"I am really happy with this program. It is affordable and each week during a whole year I have options for potential team members. Thanks to this program I was able to find a great team member who lives in our area and she is helping our business grow."

Agent Maria E. Capetillo ~ Romeoville, IL

"I been waiting for the resume search. As usual, it took entrepreneurial spirit to streamline the hiring process more efficiently and economically for agents. You guys are way ahead of the curve on this one. Kudos!"

Agent Jerry Jungles ~ Houston, TX

"I would like to thank the boys at Agency Support Services for changing my opinion of online resume hunting. I used to dread signing up, paying high fees, and then having to sift through all the junk that I received. With Agency Support Services I was able to narrow my search to a specific number of qualities and they took care of the rest. I had a printed stack of resumes 2 inches high within the first day. I've been receiving qualified resumes ever since. Lastly it cost me much less than what I have been paying to do it all myself."

Agent Chris Bolton ~ Phoenix, AZ

"Thanks so much for watching out for me. Also my son was pleasantly surprised when we returned from Europe how many resumes you had sent to him. He is currently actively searching for another team member so hopefully there will be one in those!!! "

Agent Sherry McGhee~ St George, Utah

"Compared to what I was getting from Monster just by placing an ad on their site this was a lot more cost effective. I can't remember how much it cost to place the ad, I think it might have been around $250 or so . I might have had a few responses from the ad so that is why this is so much more cost effective and I am thrilled at the number of resumes I received. Unfortunately I have not had time to call any of them, but am hoping to this week."

Agent Lee Ann Laborde ~ Austin, TX

"I wanted to give you some feedback. I reviewed the first resumes that came through, found one that looked real good, contacted her.... and she started today. She is licensed and has a few years experience with another carrier. Considering that I just signed up for your service 6 days ago, I'd say that is a pretty good turnaround time on hiring. Saved me countless hours searching for a licensed person through other avenues. Thanks. This was a great value to me."

Agent Melanie Y. Price


Power In Numbers

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